Job Hunting


Job Hunting

Whether you are looking for your first job or your fiftieth, finding the right opportunity requires preparation, persistence, and patience. By taking the time to examine your career aspirations and putting your action plan into place, you’ll be on your way to the job of your dreams!

Your First Job
Looking for your first job shouldn’t be stressful. Attack the project systematically, and you might just enjoy it!

Search Strategies
Don’t overlook the classifieds, but today’s job search is a brand new game with lots of options and opportunities to find exactly what you’re after.

The Resume
How to reduce your professional life to one–maybe two–pages.

The Cover Letter
A sales tool that’s just as important as your resume.

The Interview
How to land, prepare for, and ace job interviews.

The good, the bad, and the unrelated.

The Art of Negotiation
Know what you’re worth and be prepared to negotiate for it.

Evaluating an Offer
You’ve been offered a job. Should you accept?

Staying Motivated
How to keep your spirits up when employers are turning you down.