The lure of striking out on your own can be powerful. Before you take the leap, however, make sure going solo is really for you and that you’ve taken all the necessary steps to ensure your success.

Going Freelance

Once you’ve developed a certain level of expertise in your chosen field, you may find you long for the flexibility and control that working on your own can offer. Consulting or freelancing can provide you with the benefits of owning your own very small (as in, just you) business without the hassles of managing other people and running a larger organization.

Starting a Business

For some people, the idea of being completely responsible for every aspect of a business’ success is a dream come true. For others, it’s a nightmare. If you fall into the former category, hold on to your hat. Entrepreneurship can be exciting, rewarding, terrifying, and the most challenging thing You’ve ever done–all at the same time.