Job vs. Internship

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Job vs. Internship

Internships aren’t just the stomping ground for bright-eyed college students hoping to add luster to their law school applications. No matter what your field, internships can mean the difference between jumpstarting your dream job and joining the rest of the hordes funneling resumes through the human resources department.

Internships come in all shapes and sizes, but the basics of a good internship are the same: a temporary position with a company where the intern is given a variety of tasks designed to introduce her to the workings of the company, interact with employees, polish her skills, and prepare for a permanent position.

Formal or informal, paid or unpaid, yearlong or weeklong, good internships have several advantages that make them an attractive alternative when the ideal full-time, permanent job is not an option.

Just like any job, though, some internships aren’t worth the gas you pay to get to the office, and even the best positions do have disadvantages. The best way to maximize the likelihood of a positive experience is to ask questions before you sign on.

There are many online resources for internship listings, including: