To Temp or Not to Temp?

To Temp or Not to Temp?

99% of jobseekers don’t find the job of their dreams their first day on the market. So what do you do to pay the rent while you’re looking for your first position?

Well, you could wait tables. Or work as a nanny. Or sign up to collect data for the Census. But wouldn’t you rather be in a real office, learning real skills, and working towards your real career goals? Wouldn’t you rather be temping?

Temps aren’t just receptionists or secretaries, though even these positions can be valuable and well paying. There are temporary accountants, computer programmers, technical writers, public relations reps, machinists, and just about any other specialty you can imagine.

Whether you go through a temp agency or contract directly with a company, when you work as a temp, you have certain advantages and disadvantages over full-time employees.

Take the following quiz to see if temping might be for you: To Temp or Not to Temp: The Quiz.