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Financial Health

No matter what your age, status, or situation, you’re capable of taking charge of your finances. Whether you’re 20 or 80; single or married; climbing the corporate ladder or raising a family full-time, you can do it. You just need to learn the basics and take the right steps toward financial health.

What does it mean to be financially healthy? For some, it means never needing to work. For others, it means avoiding bankruptcy. For a quick gauge of your financial health, take our Financial Health Test.

Money–or lack thereof–should not create stress in your life. We hope to make learning about financial health and achieving it as informative, easy, and fun as possible, giving you the tools and services you need to make it happen.

Women & Money
You probably know that women earn less and live longer than men, but we’ve provided you with a more detailed look at female finances. Here you’ll learn the unique financial obstacles that women face.

Why is the premier financial web site devoted solely to your financial and investment needs. In this section, you’ll see how is helping empower individuals to help them meet their financial goals, whatever their stage in life.

Financial Health Test
Find out how healthy your finances are by taking our financial health test. Don’t worry–you can’t fail the test–but you can fail to educate yourself financially, which could prevent you from achieving your financial goals.