Picking a Location

Picking a Location

Whether you’ve always wanted to escape your hometown, or whether the job of your dreams just happens to be located half a continent away, the decision to relocate is one to make only after you’ve done your homework.

The thought of relocating creates fear in some and excitement in others. Which group you belong to depends on elements like your personality, your experiences growing up, your support system, how far away you’re going, and what kind of life awaits you at your destination point. Though some of these factors are outside your control, you can figure out what’s important to you and make sure your new situation meets your priorities.

There are a host of resources for tracking down information on different areas of the country, including cost of living, weather, economic health, city comparisons, crime, and online apartment listings.

Though you can get a good feel for a locale from reading about it and talking to others who live there, nothing replaces a first-hand visit. If the company you’re interviewing with won’t pay to bring you out, it’s probably worth it to pay your own way. After all, wouldn’t it be a much bigger price to pay to relocate and discover you’re unhappy in the new setting?


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