Search Strategies

13528180_sSearch Strategies

Many people’s first job search inclination is to check an online job search engine, send out a few resumes and make a couple of phone calls or send a few emails. But even in today’s economy, with the lowest unemployment in recent history, it could take you sending out 100-500 resumes in order to land a single interview–not to mention securing an actual job.

But thanks to the wonders of the Internet and a burgeoning career management industry, you have many more options than yesterday’s approach of pouring over the “Help Wanted” section of the Sunday paper.

Friends, family, former co-workers, your step-aunt’s gardener’s sister, an alumni group on your LinkedIn profile… No one should be overlooked as a potential source of information about available jobs. 

Classified Ads
No longer found only in the newspaper. Learn where to find great classified ads online.

Find the kind of job that suits you best. The Internet offers endless job hunting opportunities. 

What are the different kinds and how can they help?

Career Centers
Career centers are your one-stop career management shops.

Job Fairs
These gathering of employers take place several times a year in most cities. Learn how to make the most out of having all your prospects in one place.

Targeting Companies
The bull’s eye approach to job searches.