Finding Balance

23191707_sFinding Balance

With the competing pressures of your work, family, social life, and more, balance may seem impossible to achieve. There are tools and options, however, to make the seemingly impossible a reality. Learn how to bring balance into your life–both in and out of the office.

Life in Balance

When you’re accustomed to doing your best in every area of your life, it’s a challenge to get just the right mix of work and life. Successful careers require dedication and time. Family needs–especially children–can’t be overlooked. And then there’s your personal agenda–exercise, time for yourself, friends…is it possible to fit everything in?

Yes, you can have a great job, close-knit family, and satisfying personal life. The keys are to set your priorities, negotiate a work arrangement that supports your goals, and realize that you can`t accomplish everything, every day.

A Healthy Workplace

Employee injuries have become one of the nation’s biggest concerns–on both sides of the desk. Employers lose billions of dollars annually due to work-related illness and injuries, and employees lose something even more valuable–their health. Though much of your work environment is outside your direct control, you can influence two areas that will reduce your occurrences of workplace-related physical and mental impairment.

  • Ergonomics
    By being aware of your workspace and arranging it correctly, you can increase your comfort level and lower the odds of developing injuries.
  • Stress Management
    Monitoring and managing your stress will improve your physical and mental health.