Online Banking

We’re living in a predominately virtual society. Are you still using drive through money machines and the phone to transfer money? It’s time to step into the now, the way banking has been for over 10 years. Join the online world of banking and discover how it can simplify your life. Don’t wait any longer!

What is Internet Banking?
Internet banking is simply instructing your bank to make the same monetary transactions you generally make in person or in writing. But with online banking, you can do it during your lunch hour at work, from the comfort of your own home, or from your cell phone on an exotic beach.

Internet vs. Traditional Banking
Remember when going to the bank was like going to the post office? Long lines and inconvenient hours? Ease, convenience, and speed–the key differentiates between traditional brick and mortar banking and today’s more popular option, online banking.

Electronic Bill Paying
Still haven’t traded in checks and stamps for the click of the mouse? Find out the latest in bill paying and presentment technology to determine if it’s time for you to take the electronic plunge and trust us, it is.

Direct Deposit
There goes another excuse to leave work early on Friday afternoons. With direct deposit, money is already in your account–often the day before payday.

Online Banking Fees
Monthly charges for online banking can range from nothing up to $10. Sometimes there are a few different options to help you waive the monthly fees.