Evaluating an Offer


Evaluating an Offer

Congratulations! You have a job offer! But before you take a celebratory weekend at the beach and burn all your resumes, there’s something else you need to do: evaluate the offer to make sure the proposed salary will cover your needs and is a fair number based on the industry, your experience, and the geographic location.

You’re also going to need to weigh elements like benefits, perks, and stock in the overall equation. Before you do anything, however, get your offer in writing. Too many people have banked on a job they thought they had–only to lose out when the position doesn’t materialize.

The most obvious and traditionally largest component of your compensation package.

Employee Benefits
Health insurance and much more. The time to make sure you’ve got the coverage you need is before you need it.

Job Perks
Weekly massages, on-site gyms, daycare centers, gourmet coffee. How much are these conveniences worth to you?

Stock Options
One of the most common ways to lure employees, stock packages can be worth big bucks–or nothing at all.