Going Back to School


Going Back to School

Many people talk about it, but few actually follow through. Why? Simply put, because going back to school means making a significant lifestyle change. It can also bring out self-doubts about your intelligence, competency, and even age (what if you’re the only student over the age of 21?).

If you’re worried about being the only student with children or a mortgage, that’s one fear you can strike from your list. More and more mid-lifers are hitting the books, some pursuing graduate degrees to help with a career change, and others deciding it’s finally time to finish–or start–their undergraduate degree.

Is Now the Right Time?
Take this quiz to see if you’re ready.

Making the Grade
Entrance exams. Who needs ’em? You will, if you want to go back to school.

What’s an MBA Worth?
Find out what an MBA can–and can’t–do for you.

It’s the Law
Want to fight for justice? Prospective legal eagles click here.

Other Options
How to continue your education, without re-enrolling in school.                                                                            

Part-Time Perspective
Can’t make the full-time commitment? Read on…

Learning Without Leaving Home
There are more distance learning options every day.

Money Talks
Education can be expensive, but you can swing it if you plan for it.