Where You Stand

Clarifying and setting your financial goals are the first essential steps towards achieving financial health. Translating those goals into concrete and actionable plans, and even knowing whether or not you have achieved them, requires the second essential step of determining where you stand financially.

At MsMoney.com, we refer to the process of achieving financial health as a journey because along the way, you’ll encounter experiences, obstacles, and tasks that require thought and patience to reach the final destination. The directions and tools that follow can help you plan the trip.

Getting Organized
We’ve compiled a checklist of the most important files you need to assess your financial situation. From tax returns to family wills, you can check them off as you get organized.

Your Net Worth
Use the MsMoney.com Net Worth Tool to figure out your net worth, which is a powerful measure of wealth. Why do it? Your net worth is like a snapshot that tells you where you stand financially which, taken periodically over time, can be a great yardstick to measure progress towards your goals.

Expenses & Cash Flow
Businesses look at cash flow statements to see where their money is going. You should, too. By figuring out your cash flow, you can get a handle on how you spend your money and how you can start increasing (or stop decreasing) your net worth.