The Resume

Resume–one simple word that strikes fear in the heart of jobseekers everywhere. After all, a resume is a representation of everything you’ve accomplished in your career: your whole life summed up on one, possibly two, pages.

Your resume is a sales tool. Resumes don’t come in one-size-fits-all. The length and content will vary according to your skill level and experience. Short and sweet, it targets a specific company and position in which you’re interested. It highlights your knowledge, skills, and accomplishments in the context of what they mean to your prospective employer.

For new jobseekers or those looking for entry-level positions, resumes should be kept to a single page. That page should include contact information, education, relevant experience, and any special skills that meet the needs of the company.

For career-changers or mid-career job hunters, a two-page resume is acceptable as long as the skills, experience, and qualifications represented are all relevant to the position for which you’re applying.

Types of Resumes
Not just plain vanilla, there’s a resume for every job and every situation.

Digital Resumes
With all the online job opportunities, you need to know how to showcase your experience in a digital format.