Buying Insurance


Buying Insurance

Insurance is a necessity that protects our property and family, as well as strangers we might inadvertently harm. To get the type and level of protection you want, it’s important to understand how insurance works, what options are available, and how to estimate how much coverage is enough. gives you the information you need to protect your car, home, life, and health, from the types available to the costs involved. We’ll also provide you with some money-saving tips and low-cost resources.

Car Insurance
Even if you only drive your car once a week, you still need to insure it to protect against accidents and injury. Find out about the four types of insurance you can buy–liability, medical, collision/comprehensive, and uninsured/under-insured drivers–and why you should get them. We’ll also give you an idea why your insurance is so expensive and ways you can lower it. We’ll also give you tips for finding affordable insurance. Get a free auto insurance quote.

Homeowners Insurance
Your home is your castle, but if you don’t insure it, you might as well live in a shack. Homeowners insurance can cover everything from fire, flood, earthquakes, and theft to injuries people incur on your property. helps you sort through the different levels of coverage, choose which one is right for your home, and find ways to save on premiums. Get a free homeowners insurance quote.

Renters Insurance
Even if you don’t own your residence, you need to protect the things in it. Your landlord may insure the building, but the contents of your home are your responsibility. Like homeowners insurance, renters insurance covers theft, fire, and personal injury. helps you figure out the value of your possessions and how best to protect them. Get a free renters insurance quote.

Life Insurance
People don’t usually think about life insurance until they get married or have children, but it’s a good idea regardless of your status. Two general types of life insurance are available–term and cash value. Within these categories, even more options exist. Discover the differences, options, and coverage of each, and use one of our seven life insurance calculators to answer your questions. Get a free term life insurance quote.

Health Insurance
You never know when your health will be compromised, so it’s always a good idea to have insurance. Most people get it through their employers in the form of indemnity plans, health maintenance organizations (HMOs), or Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs). Get a free health insurance quote.