Part-Time or Contract Work


Part-Time or Contract Work

If you’re interested in remaining with your company but don’t want to pursue flexible scheduling or job sharing, consider part-time work or contracting.

The advantages are obvious: you get to stay in the job you (hopefully) enjoy, working with people you (hopefully) like.

The biggest drawback to part-time work is that reducing your work hours also reduces your responsibility and pay. Sometimes, it may even mean you lose your health insurance, stock options, or other benefits, so check your company’s guidelines before you agree to a cut in work hours.

Unfortunately, moving from a full-time to part-time position doesn’t guarantee that your workload is adjusted accordingly. If you suddenly reduce your work hours, it’s likely that everyone–your manager included–will expect you to assume the same job duties, getting everything done in fewer hours.

The solution is to set clear boundaries before you implement your plan. Sit down with your manager and discuss your job responsibilities and which ones you’ll need to relinquish. And when someone asks you to take care of something outside of your new job description, say no (tactfully). Otherwise, you’ll soon find yourself with your old job, without your old pay.

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