Job Sharing

A common complaint about working part-time is that employers assume you’re no longer serious about advancing your career and will take you out of the running for promotions and raises. If you want to work part-time but don’t want to sacrifice your career, there’s another option–job sharing. Job sharing is an arrangement where two part-time people do the work of one full-time position. Job duties, pay, and benefits are shared on a prorated basis.

The benefits of job sharing include:

  • Maintaining your job skills.
  • Remaining eligible for advancement.
  • Preserving your job status.
  • Reducing the overload that sometimes accompanies part-time work.

However, there are pitfalls. First, with any part-time position, out-of-sight can be out-of-mind. Second, finding the right job-sharing partner can be difficult.

Fortunately, if you address these problems, job sharing can benefit both you and your employer. You and your partner keep working with the added flexibility you need, while your employer benefits from two individuals’ input and, not uncommonly, more thorough work.