Life in Balance


Life in Balance

When you are accustomed to doing your best in every area of your life, it’s a challenge to get just the right mix of work and life. Successful careers require dedication and time. Family needs–especially children–can’t be overlooked. And then there’s your personal agenda–exercise, time for yourself, friend’s is it possible to fit everything in?

Yes, you can have a great job, close-knit family, and satisfying personal life. The keys are to set your priorities, negotiate a work arrangement that supports your goals, and realize that you can`t accomplish everything, every day.

It’s more than just working from home.

Flexible Schedule
Create a schedule that’s convenient for both you and your employer.

Job Sharing
Divide and conquer.

Part-Time or Contract Work
The benefits and drawbacks of working on a contract or part-time basis.

Leaves of Absence
What are your rights when it comes to extended time off?

Family vs. Career
Getting at the real costs of working–and staying home.

Negotiating Alternatives
Convincing your employer to support your chosen plan.