What’s the difference between telecommuting and working from home? When you work from home, you work entirely off-site and have no office presence. When you telecommute, you maintain an on-site presence at least intermittently.

The typical telecommuter works from home 1-3 days each week and spends the rest of the week in the office. Even a small amount of office visibility is important–it provides face-to-face contact with your manager, keeps you informed of office activities, and reminds people that you are part of the company, regardless of where you plug in your computer.

While companies sometimes hire people into telecommuting positions, most telecommuters are existing employees who’ve proven their worth and are rewarded with the option to telecommute. The general exception is salespeople who are commonly hired as telecommuters. They work almost exclusively from their homes, attending meetings and checking in at corporate headquarters on a regular, though limited, basis.

Telecommuting Advantages–For You and Your Company
Not sure if it’s worth the hassle? Consider the main benefits.

Negotiating Alternative Work Solutions
Even if no one at your company currently telecommutes, you can be the groundbreaker.