To Temp or Not to Temp: The Quiz

Hand with pen over application form

To Temp or Not to Temp: The Quiz

Answer “true” or “false” to the following questions to see if you’re suited for temp work:

  1. I enjoy learning new things and meeting new people; routines bog me down.
  2. The idea of eating lunch by myself makes me cringe.
  3. When going somewhere new, I always make someone else read the map and figure out the best route.
  4. I often return clothing that I bought on sale because when I get it home, it just doesn’t look like I thought it was going to.
  5. I’ve had more roommates than I can remember–somehow, we never seem to “click.”
  6. I always hated group projects in school; I’d rather figure it out on my own.
  7. I do my best work when I’m put on the spot, such as pop quizzes or oral presentations.

Scoring: one point for each true on questions 1, 4, 6 and 7; one point for false on questions 2, 3, 5.

0-2 points: Unless you have the opportunity to stay in one position or with one company for an extended period of time, you may want to forgo the idea of temping. You work best when you can learn the ropes slowly, becoming part of the social and professional network.

2-4 points: You can probably handle temping, but look for longer-term jobs (two weeks or more) where you’ll have the opportunity to find your rhythm before getting moved around.

5-7 points: You’re the perfect temp employee–you’re independent, confident, and enjoy trying new things. In fact, make sure that any permanent position you accept offers you plenty of variety so you don’t get bored.