Part-time and full-time job working businessman business man concept



  • You get to investigate the inner workings of various companies before you accept a permanent job.
  • If you don’t like the company, the work, or your supervisor, you’re free to leave at any time.
  • The pay can be excellent, depending on your skills and the market, with regular increases.
  • Temporary positions can lead to permanent job offers.
  • You can pick up valuable on-the-job skills while looking for that “perfect job.”
  • You can meet people who might help you network to find a full-time, permanent position.
  • The hours and days are flexible.


  • You may be treated as an inferior worker because you’re “just a temp.”
  • You may not get clear direction or much attention from managers. You probably won’t receive insurance or other health benefits, though some temp agencies will provide benefits for long-term employees. You may have to drive to different offices and report to different supervisors each day.
  • Just as you learn the system, your assignment (and job) may end.
  • You might get stuck doing nothing but answering phones or filing.
  • Professional relationships are difficult to build if you’re constantly moving on to the next job.