Live Your Life at Half the Price

Savings tips by Tiffany Bass Bukow. Learn to live with flair like a millionaire.

A Fabulous Day of Romantic Fun (on a frugal budget)
Dress well for this one, and perhaps borrow a fancier car than usual (or at least park your beat up old car out of sight). Start the day with a real estate showing of the most expensive home you can find. Walk through with a critical eye, as if you’re a potential buyer. Examine the Jacuzzi, the pool, the woodwork, stained glass, multi-car garage, test the built in sound system, central air conditioning. Look at every nook and cranny and imagine it was yours. Take notes, if you like.

How to Find Great Museums That Don’t Charge
Museums are a treasure trove of the world’s cultural history. There are museums for art, for industry, for craft, for ethnography and culture. Museums can feel very cheery on a cold winter day, surrounding yourself with beautiful art or fascinating history…but some museums charge quite a bit of money to get in.

Abundance Consciousness
Money is ultimately only a means to an end. When you have enough money, you can buy at least some of the things you’d like to have (though not, generally, the things that really matter–happiness, love, a better world, health).

City Chic: An Urban Girl’s Guide to Livin’ Large on Less Buy this book!
Urban Girls work hard and play even harder. They have an eye for style that is only slowed by a budgetary bottom line. They live the lifestyles of the not-at-all-rich and the not-just-yet-famous. Soon enough, they will be superstars, oozing savoir-faire. But for now, before they assume the helm of the boardroom table, they still have their secret ways of living the good life.

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