Live Your Life at Half the Price

by Ms.Money – Tiffany Bass Bukow

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Live Your Life at Half the Price



We’ve all seen them walking down the street. She has great shoes, a fabulous bag, and clothes to die for. His hair is styled just right and he climbs into a car that most only fantasize about. We see them and think:

“Wouldn’t it be great to live like that?”

In our desire to look like a million bucks, however, we go out and spend what seems like a million bucks. We stop at nothing to fill our life with the kind of style that magazines shout about. But the reality isn’t in the glossy magazines but in your realization:

“I have just racked up a load of credit card debt in my quest for style. Please someone tell me there’s a much better way!”

What if I told you there was a better way and that you could continue to enjoy the same style you enjoy today but spend only half as much money as you currently spend? What if you could be even happier and feel better about yourself after trying a few simple suggestions that anyone can follow? Take a minute to imagine your life then. You might be getting more nights of peaceful sleep and more soul-soothing vacations because you’d have more money than you had before. You might not be a millionaire yet, but you would certainly start to feel like you were well on your way.

The message is that there is hope for each one of us regardless of how much we earn or how much we spend.

With a few changes, you could get what you want out of life and still have money left to invest. You could improve your life and still have money to pass on to your heirs. And if all this sounds like good news, there’s more. You don’t even have to sacrifice your lifestyle to get there.


You can live in the same style with only half of your cash pile.

Say goodbye to credit card debt and overspending and say hello to saving and investing. Get ready for some fun and to make bargain hunting your new favorite interest. You’ll be surprised how easy saving money can be.

Just beware that you might find saving money so entertaining and exciting that you go overboard and accrue so much extra money you won’t know what to do with it. Don’t worry. You can visit to learn how to grow all that extra cash so you will have the financial freedom you never dreamed of and a life of adventure you didn’t think possible.

No doubt some of you think you have the topic of finding savings all covered. Read on because you will be surprised by the things you didn’t know. I had a dozen friends over and told them about my book about saving, and I was thrilled by how many ideas they had that I had not considered. Here I was thinking I was the expert.

Live Your Life at Half the Price

Chapter 1: Clothing, Shoes and Underwear

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