Children’s Savings

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6 Steps to Raising Financial Responsible Children

Raising MoneySmart Kids

Tiffany Bass Bukow, founder of, provides a few tips in this short online video.

Ms.Money’s Guide to Kids & Money
81% of parents who feel they do a fair or poor job of managing their money still consider themselves effective in giving their kids financial advice. In Ms.Money’s Women’s Corner, we provide multiple links to articles that will help you in the process of educating your children about money.

Jumpstart Washington
Jump$tart Washington is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote the personal financial literacy of Washingtonians, with our primary emphasis on youth. We are a coalition, comprised of individuals, non-profit and governmental agencies and the corporate sector, who have joined together to improve the personal financial literacy of Washington youth.

Young Investor
Help your kids build sound saving habits now and reap the benefits later. Help your kids invest it, plan it & earn it.

Children and Savings
Just as important as learning to spend money wisely is learning to save. Teach children to save some of the money they receive from allowances, chores, gifts or work. You might, for example, have them put some of their money into savings and give some to charity, then allow them to spend the rest.

Money and You
There is no universal game plan in teaching children about money. The common theme is to be candid, consistent and use good common sense.

Family Planning
The cost of having children can be considerable. To begin to estimate the cost of raising a child, use a Cost of Raising a Child Tool.

Teaching Kids About Money
For many families, talking about money is taboo. The adults make it, the kids ask for it, end of story. Yet financial experts agree that understanding cash, credit, and consumerism is possible, and important, for building a sense of financial responsibility in children. How can you teach your kids about money? What kind of message should you teach them? Let’s talk about money.