Getting Mileage Out of Your Credit
Cards That Encourage High Flying and High Spending

Money Central – Travel for less
Are you on a budget but still want to have a fabulous vacation? Well don? fret, because with some savvy shopping you can find some amazing deals online and travel the world for less. MSN Money gives you ways to find the best airfare, creative ideas to vacation using home swaps, and discusses common rip-offs to watch out for in the travel industry.

Timeshare Trap
Beware of the Timeshare Trap when looking to save on your vacation plans. Read what has to say about this.

Best Vacation Savings Tips
Face it: planning getaways can be costly. Wondering how you can take the break you deserve without blowing your budget or dipping into that retirement fund? Try these tips from fellow iVillagers and make your travel dollars go the distance.

Save on Travel
There are lots of ways to save on air travel, and the Web has made doing the legwork faster and easier.

Five Tips for Tourists In Strange Cities
Some general strategies you can use no matter where you visit

Family Vacations – Ways To Save on Travel
Hotels at many destinations have two sets of prices: low season and high season. For example, the Caribbean Islands is popular in the winter, but much more affordable in the summer. Resorts tend to charge the highest prices when they know that most people want to go, it¡¯s smarter and less crowded to plan your trip when visitors will be at a minimum. Weekends can also be more expensive, so schedule your trip during the week if possible.