Learn to Live Simply

Simple living tips by Tiffany Bass Bukow, founder of MsMoney.com

In order to start saving -Personal Finance: The Rules
Read enough financial self-improvement books, and pretty soon you’ll find yourself stringing together the many similarities which run thoughout all of them. What follows is my conglomeration of all the meaningful tenets and guidelines I’ve come across in my reading ? and in my experience.

Are You as Frugal as You Should Be? Take This Quiz and Find Out!
Take this quiz to see how your dollar-stretching skills measure up. Then, no matter how you do, get advice on how to budget, spend and save your money more wisely.

Organizing Your Time to Save You Money!
Applying these ten proven time-saving tips can mean the difference between your Internet marketing and home business success, or a life-time of struggle to make ends meet! If applied effectively, these little gems can be some of your most effective money-makers.

Help! I’m Drowning in Debt
You can’t put together a good savings plan without dealing with your debt. SmartMoney discusses how you get a handle on that stack of bills your are facing.

20 Money-Saving Tips
A little planning can save you big bucks

Shop on Ebay and Save on Everything.

Nextag.com & MySimon.com
Compare Prices at NexTag and MySimon.

The Work-n-spend Cycle
The more money you make, the more money you will spend. For example, let’s aim our money microscope at fictitious couple Bob and Jane Bigwallets. Bob and Jane are doing pretty well, at least in the income department. Between the two of them, they make $100,000 per year.

Yes, You Really Can Save Money
MSN Money provides some great strategies to help you cut corners and still build the life of your dreams. They also provide some great places to stash all your cash and even warn you of the pitfalls of bargain hunting.

Motley’s Fools Savings Center
Stop by Motley’s FoolsSavings Center, which will provide you with the details of why you need to set up an emergency cash fund and how much you should need, as well as where you can put it. There is even a good savings article for teens. Also check out their discussion board on Living Below Your Means. You will have to sign up for their site, but it is free and easy.

66 Ways to Save Money Every Day
Spending less doesn’t have to make you feel poor. Try these belt-tightening tips for everything from food shopping to home decorating, and live richly on any budget.

66 MORE Ways to Save Money
Find out how you can save a lot of money in 66 different ways

Ways to Increase Your Income
Would you like to have a little extra money to pay off a bill, build up your savings, or pay an upcoming expense? These ideas may help you find a way to bring in extra money.

Reducing Childcare Costs & Your Children’s Spending
The cost of having children can be considerable. From the early costs of the pregnancy and delivery, to daycare, soccer lessons, orthodontist bills, and summer camps–the list never ends.

Mommy Savers Ideas for Cutting Costs with Kids