Digital Resumes

Digital Resumes

Printing out your resume and physically handing it to a prospective employer is becoming less and less of a common practice. As a lot of jobs are applied for and found online, it’s important to have an updated and professional resume in a digital format.

Websites such as have a resume builder that makes the task easy, though Google Docs has many different add-ons that can be installed and used to build a resume, and the best part is that it’s free. The main advantage to this option is that the user doesn’t have to create a new resume for every job hunting web-site used.

As stated before, conducting the job hunt online is a prevalent practice. There is usually a form to be filled out with basic details, maybe a few job specific questions, a place to attach a resume and at the bottom, and more often than not, a place to leave the address to a LinkedIn profile. Having a well-maintained LinkedIn profile carries a lot of advantages. It allows users to meet people who are like-minded and there are groups and forums that facilitate this.  

It’s important to note that a LinkedIn profile should be thorough and professional. Adding a photo can bring a page to life, but it’s important to choose a professional photo. Some employers will search for other social media profiles, so it’s important to maintain a good image on those platforms as well.

If these options still seem complicated and time-consuming, there are always online resume writing services. But expect to pay a big chunk of change for that kind of service. There are even companies that are geared specifically towards creating LinkedIn profile pages, but expect to pay anywhere from $300-$1,000.