22696409_sCredit Cards

Credit cards are a necessary evil in lif…kind of like chips and salsa. Both a blessing and a curse, they’re your passkey to the ranks of life-long debtors, and you’d better get the skinny on what’s out there.

What is Debt?
Sure, you know debt is when you owe someone money. But do you realize the longer you wait to pay it off, the more you’ll end up owing?

Choose a Card For Your Needs
Just as there are Ford pick-ups and turbo Saab’s, there’s a great variety of credit cards–find the one that best suits your needs.

The Cost of a Credit Card
Nothing comes for free, least of all the privilege of using someone else’s money for your own personal gain.

Perks and Privileges
It seems every retailer in the country is affiliated with a credit card issuer, so choose wisely and save yourself some money.

Debt Consolidation
How to put a whole lot of money into one little plastic card.