Five Resources to Manage Your Money

Five Resources to Manage Your Money
Secure your fiscal future with these tips.

By Tiffany Bass Bukow, Founder of

resources_graphic3The Internet is an excellent place to learn about good financial planning and management and then apply that knowledge to effectively manage your money online. There are a multitude of resources available just at your fingertips. Keep in mind, however, that it is important to explore several financial websites and find those that fit your needs best. There are websites focused on account aggregation, so that you can monitor all your banking relationships in one place, and there websites designed to educate you about money management. Today we review 5 financial websites that each have a unique focus that makes them stand out. Working with these 5 sites will give you a well-rounded financial management experience.


    This website has over 500 articles on managing your money. It also features a great one-hour online course that will get beginners started — it is called Financial Fundamentals: 6 Steps to Reach Financial Security. Business Week just gave the MsMoney online seminar a rave review.


    Managing your finances can become time consuming unless you stay on top of it. OnMoney (a part of Ameritrade) offers a one-stop location where you can manage all your financial needs. You can access personalized portfolios and online bill payment, view account aggregation, pay your bills, transfer funds from your bank, view your Visa bill, and look at your stock portfolio all with just a few clicks.


    Brokerage houses are not the only financial institutions trying to make consumers’ lives easier. Traditional banks are already entering the education and online money management area. Wells Fargo has always been considered the leader in online banking with 3.8 million customers using online banking.

    This is an organization you can trust with your privacy and security while banking online. It also provides educational content in its Investing Resource Center with topics such as:

    • Learn the Basics
    • Invest for Your Goals
    • Investing Techniques
    • Managing Your Investments

    For lighter fare and a slightly comedic twist, try the Motley Fool website. It has a section just for investing strategies to help you figure out your next step. Learn what has worked and what has not when investing in the stock market.


    By far the most active of all personal finance sites, with over 10 million users, is Yahoo! Finance. It serves as an aggregator of an enormous amount of data. It is fairly easy to get overwhelmed quickly, so if you are just starting out, you might choose one of the more focused sites.

    You can get enough top business news, world news, charts, graphs, and calculators to make your head spin. This is an excellent resource once you know what you are looking for.

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