The World Trade Center Tragedy


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Day One

I wake in alarm
To a violent crime
The sky is falling
Really this time

The World Trade Center fell
Tens of thousands may die
Suffering abounds
Peace was a lie

Will we ever survive
In a place of such hate
How can the world progress
If we don`t pursue the great

What should I do?
How do I stay calm
I need some help
A therapeutic balm

The answer lies
Within my own heart
I know if I am strong
I can do my part

I search online
For most of the facts
So I can document the truth
Of these horrid attacks

I built a website
To help the world heal
It may be some time
Before people can feel

The way to mend
The pain we hold
Is to forgive all
As the truth is told

This isn`t the first time
America has faced this fear
We all need to help now
And take time to volunteer

It is time to become one
And focus our life
We need to bond together
To overcome this strife

This isn`t about patriotism
It is about mankind
We are all of the same spirit
Our lives are intertwined

Whether we live in the US
Or in Palestine
Our minds are all part
Of the Great Divine

Think thoughts of love
And peace and caring
It is time to take bold steps
And be strong and daring

You can help others
If you stay true to the rule
Love all your enemies
Regardless of how cruel

If you can accomplish this
Your soul will be free
To reach for the stars
And happy you will be

It isn`t easy
To focus on love
If you need help
Just look to above

The universe is there
To give us an answer
When the earth fails us
And gives us this cancer

Good luck in your quest
To overcome your sorrow
Remember the sun
Always rises tomorrow

photo_tiffanyTiffany Bass Bukow

Day Two

I wake in the morning
The tragedy has not changed
Yet everything seems different
My life rearranged

I am still afraid
To turn on the news
Did we lose more airplanes
With their pilots and crews

Are more buildings gone
Have they toppled to the ground
Have there been more bodies
Of the dead been found

All I want to do
Is sob and cry
I want this all to be
Just a terrible lie

But alas it appears to be
Absolutely true
My heart is aching
What am I to do

Could we have prevented this
A nation so great
Or was this meant to be
Our terrible fate

Four planes were taken
For this terrorist attack
Will our nation do something
Will we strike back

Is killing others
The way to ease our pain
Will it fix the problem
Do we have something to gain

Or will it do nothing
Perhaps make matters worse
Only creating more bodies
To pile in the hearse

The emotions of it all
Have overtaken my soul
What is it the Universe wants
What is the ultimate goal?