Sometimes it seems that promotions are more a matter of random selection than careful decision making. It`s true that certain people move up the company food chain based solely on their years of work and not on any identifiable talents or abilities. It`s equally true, however, that there are smart ways to position yourself for a promotion and improve your odds of being the next one everyone is congratulating.

Enlist Your Boss’ Support
Get her commitment to your success.

Act “As If”
Seeing yourself in your desired position can go a long way towards having others view you that way, too.

Go the Extra Mile
Show that you want–and deserve–the promotion by demonstrating your enthusiasm and can-do attitude.

Document Your Results
Keeping careful tabs on your successes will show just how much you’re worth when it’s time to pop the question.

When–and How–To Ask
It’s all in the timing–and in the delivery.

Now What?
Your boss agreed–you have got the promotion! What’s next?