Now What?

You’ve done it; you got your promotion. Now you need to figure out what your responsibilities will be, and what’s going to change or stay the same.

Negotiating Salary
With a new job and new responsibilities, you should see a larger number on your paycheck. Figure out how to make sure you’re getting paid what you’re worth.

The Importance of Titles: What’s in a name?

In this day and age, it’s not surprising to see titles like “guru,” “coach,” “evangelist,” and even “visionary.” But unless you’re at an internet startup and don’t mind spending time at cocktail parties explaining exactly what it is you do, you’re better off accepting more universally recognized job titles.

When you’re negotiating your compensation package as part of your promotion, don’t forget to ask about your title. What you’re called may not make a big difference while you’re at your current company. Should you ever leave, though, it’s best to have a title that’s easily understood. Though every company handles things differently, there is a common vocabulary, with titles such as administrative assistant, specialist, supervisor, manager, director, etc.

For more information on standardized job titles, refer to professional organizations in your field or check out human resource consulting groups such as The Survey Group or Radford.