Improving Your Skills


Improving Your Skills

Today’s workers face a business environment where the rules have changed. Gone are the days when employees stayed with one company for their entire careers and where their loyalty was rewarded with job security and professional advancement.

Now companies–and employees–disappear overnight. The new game is one of self-sufficiency, where there are no big brother employer looking out for your best interests. Employees are free agents, with sole responsibility for directing their own growth paths and careers.

To make yourself an indispensable worker, you must constantly reevaluate your strengths and weaknesses, check your progress against your long-term career goals, and see how you can acquire the skills necessary for moving higher on the corporate ladder. If you are consistent in these steps, you’ll always have a desk–and a paycheck–to call your own.

Assessing Your Strengths and Weaknesses
Take it upon yourself to figure out where you can and need to improve.

Time Management
Want to improve your work and social lives? Do more work in less time.

Dealing With People
“People skills”–they never go out of style, and they can always use polishing.

Managing Employees: Be a Better Manager
Managers are made, not born.