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What’s Important?

what's important to you note pinned on the bulletin board

What’s Important?

Review the following factors before you pick up stakes and buy a one-way plane ticket:

  • Proximity to friends and family
    Is it important that you are within driving distance of your existing social network, or are you looking forward to “making a new life?”
  • Employment opportunities
    Whether you have a position already or will be looking for one when you reach your destination, consider the strength of the job market in your field.
  • Weather
    Are you a cold weather lover who will miss the sunny Southwest? How do you feel about moving to a region known for natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, or tornadoes?
  • Housing costs and availability
    It’s better to know that your new salary won’t cover that fancy high-rise penthouse before you go apartment hunting.
  • Accessibility
    Where’s the nearest airport, train station, highway, bus depot from where you plan to live? Does a remote location appeal to or discourage you?
  • Social life and recreation
    What do you like to do in your spare time? Does the new location offer enough options and within a reasonable distance?
  • Education
    You may want to take a class or go back to school. What’s available?
  • Safety
    What’s the crime rate in the area you’re considering? Will you feel comfortable at all times of the day and night?
  • Transportation
    Do you need a car? What’s available in terms of public transportation?
  • Demographics
    Is your prospective new home a retirement community, college town, or somewhere in between? Is it culturally and ethnically diverse or homogenous?

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