What your score means

Hand writing the text: Whats Your Score?

What your score means

If you scored:

3 points or more: To make returning to school a successful venture, you need clear goals, a good understanding of what’s required of you, and a plan of attack. Your answers indicate that you may not be ready to commit to becoming a student. Devote some additional time to thinking and investigating before committing yourself full-time to a course of study that may not work for you.

1 or 2 points: Everyone has some doubts about their career and life choices. Though you have a good sense of where you want to be and how to get there, make sure to think through the lifestyle changes that may be involved in becoming a student. If full-time study seems too daunting, consider part-time programs.

0 points: Congratulations! Sharpen those pencils and pack your lunch–you’re ready to be a student again.