Part-Time Perspective

15282817_sPart-Time Perspective

What if you arre dedicated to the idea of returning to school but due to job pressures, financial pressures, home demands, or a combination of all three, you just cann’t commit to a full-time student lifestyle? Then you should consider part-time learning.

Many universities and community colleges have degree and certificate programs aimed specifically at part-time students. Classes might be offered on the weekends or in the evenings, or the school may offer intensive schedules where you attend classes only one weekend per month.

If you decide to pursue the part-time path, you’ll have the benefits of greater flexibility, but there are some drawbacks. You’ll be juggling many and sometimes conflicting responsibilities, so you’ll need to master the art of time management. Also, your part-time status may make you feel excluded from both the work and student environments. Finally, the time it takes to get your degree or certificate may be double that of a full-time student.

Despite the drawbacks, part-time learning is a valuable investment in your career and in yourself.