Women Who Empower Women

By Tiffany Bass Bukow, Founder of MsMoney.com

I am excited about my new article series about women who empower women. I will be profiling a select group of unique women who have made it their life mission to assist in the growth and development of other women’s lives. I particularly resonate with this group because of my quest to help others find meaning in their life and teach them how to find the smoothest path to happiness.

How many women do you know can say that they are living the best life they possibly could? How many don’t even realize that things could be better? Much better! I have learned of many heartbreaking stories from women who have written into Ms.Money and I have watched women’s stories on various programs. What I have learned is that women have difficultly nurturing their own soul. It seems much easier for us to take care of others problems than it is to address our own. I say – NO MORE! Let’s all learn to love ourselves and take the steps needed to get on our individual path to fulfillment.

I spent the last 5 years thinking that if I could show women how to accomplish financial freedom, that they could steamroll ahead on this path and have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. If they had money, they would no longer be held back by fear, stay in bad job or bad relationship, or treat themselves poorly. What I didn’t understand is how difficult it really was going to be to get women to take that first step to financial freedom. What I began to realize is that women’s money problems and life problems are all woven together in an intricate pattern.

My research shows this to be true. I have interviewed many women who counsel women and they agree. So our conclusion is that if women are having a tough time managing their money and becoming financially secure, then they are probably having troubles in other areas of their life. Often it becomes necessary to work with the whole woman and her values and issues, before beginning to address her financial concerns.

Now granted, I have met some very organized and financially stable women who don’t need help in this arena, but often they will admit that they could use some coaching in other areas of their life. So this upcoming article series will have benefit to them because I will address a variety of women empowering programs.

I became interested in women’s retreats after attending my first women’s weekend retreat several years ago when I was learning to relax and hoping to start a family. I would have to say it was one of the most amazing experiences that I have had. I was surrounded by 30 inspiring women, all who had a unique story and something to give back to the world. After a weekend of concentrated programs and intermingling with my kind, I emerged a changed woman. Not just emotionally changed, but also physically changed. I was physically stronger and could lift 1/3 heavier weights at the gym. I also accomplished my goal of starting a family and was pregnant within a few months after years of unsuccessful trying.

What this woman’s retreat taught me is that we need to tap into our Goddess within to get the most out of life. We need to discover what makes us special and what we are supposed to give back to the world. We can fulfill so much more of our plan if we have the financial means to do so. But getting there, getting the cash, saving and investing it and then using it wisely can be quite a challenge. I thought about doing women’s life and money retreats that could help women start the process. As I researched the topic, I realized that I didn’t need to do them myself, that there are many women’s retreats already going on that could help women become more self-actualized. It then became my goal to provide information to the Ms.Money visitors about these women empowering events.

Periodically I will highlight information on several retreat centers and the founding women behind them. You will not only learn about these terrific programs for women, you will also be inspired by the women who changed their lives positively to bring them to you. Later in the year, I will discuss life coaches and how they can positively impact the life planning and decision-making processes for a more successful outcome.

Women’s Retreats

BodyWay – The Aliveness Experience
Jane E. Latimer

La Casa De Maria
Irene Falzone

Paradise Retreats and Seminars
Jerilyn Garofalo

Women Traveling Together
Karin Sokel

Retreats for Healing
Tamara Johnson

Chicchan Centre
Felicity Barrington’s

Mexico Sacred Women’s Retreat
Elaine Dodson

Self Heal School
Jane Richmond

Life Coaches

Linda Alepin
Center for New Futures

Beata C. Lewis
Bridging Lives

Women Organizations

Women’s Technology Cluster
Cate Muther and Kim Fisher

Forum for Women Entrepreneurs
Susan Hailey

Women in Technology International
Carolyn Leighton

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