Re-entering the Workforce


Re-entering the Workforce

Women re-entering the job market after time off for childrearing, a leave of absence, or retirement face special concerns. Depending on how long it`s been since you were employed outside the home, you may have to deal not only with your emotional barriers (Am I too old? Will anyone want to hire me?) but also with logistical concerns such as updating your skills, presenting your time off in a positive light, and jump-starting your network of fellow professionals.

Despite these internal and external barriers, with effort and determination, you can position yourself to pick up where you left off or even better.

Out of the Nest
Getting back in the flow after years of childrearing.

Bridging the Gap
How to explain breaks of a year or less–for extended travel, personal needs, or any other reason.

Back At It
Coming out of retirement and into the work force.