Changing Careers


Changing Careers

So you think you’re an environmentalist trapped inside a paralegal’s body. Or maybe you’ve taken a spin on the money-go-round and you need a career with more soul. Whatever the scenario, the story is the same: you’re considering changing careers, but you have no idea how.

Changing from a career with low satisfaction to your dream job can be one of the most exciting experiences in your life–and one of the most stressful. Leaving behind all that’s familiar for a leap into the unknown–however thrilling–is scary. Friends and family may try to convince you you’re crazy, especially if your current position is a lucrative one with some degree of status and job security.

Though you’ll want to consult with those whom your decision will impact (such as your spouse), ultimate decisions about your life are yours to make. If your heart tells you you’d make a great lawyer or a talented cinematographer, you owe it to yourself at least to investigate the possibilities.

In order to make your decision thoughtful and well reasoned, consider the following checklist before you give notice and set sail for Alaska on your quest to become an expert in caribou mating habits.