Internet vs. Traditional Banking


Internet vs. Traditional Banking

If you’re a people person, you may prefer to walk into a bank or ride through the drive-through to conduct your financial transactions face to face. This is particularly appealing in smaller towns and communities where tellers tend to recognize regular customers and greet them by name.

However, if time is one of your most precious commodities, online banking, when and wherever it’s convenient for you, might just be the ticket.

What makes online banking more appealing than the old-fashioned way?

Internet banking may be the wave of the future, but be advised that the wave is still building.  Banking on the internet also makes you more susceptible to money scams.  Be able to recognize the warning signs by reading this article 

Security Precautions
Will establishing an online bank account provide hackers direct access to your money? Check out three surefire ways of making sure your financial transactions are safe.