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Disadvantages of Online Banking


Disadvantages of Online Banking

If your idea of a mouse is something that should never be caught dead–or alive for that matter–inside your house, online banking may not be for you. It’s convenient if you know how to work on a computer. If not, a drive through ATM takes a whole lot less time than trying to teach yourself the latest version of Windows or other smart phone or Internet banking apps and programs. But this day and age, online banking is almost always a must, but may not work for absolutely everybody. 


  • Need an account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Security concerns, like “hackers” accessing your bank accounts
  • Original setup for bill paying time can be time-consuming but will ultimately be a time-saver
  • Switching banks can be more cumbersome online than in person
  • Must have basic computer skills and Internet knowledge
  • Must be comfortable using a computer