Windfalls of Cash

Windfalls of Cash

By Doris Dobkins

I got a windfall of cash this week. It was from my good friend the IRS. Maybe you received a windfall this week too.

Now you can probably guess what I’m going to ask next, but I’m going to ask it any way!

What do you do when you receive some unexpected cash?

There were about 32 things I was tempted to spend the money on. It took every bit of willpower and effort to race to the local Schwab office (and not get a ticket) and hand that check over to them for my ROTH IRA.

Unfortunately, most people spend their windfalls, which are like cash in their pocket.

Nearly 8 out of 10 American taxpayers will be receiving federal tax rebate checks this spring. Economists predict that many of them will spend a good chunk of the windfall. This isn’t surprising, since the U.S. personal savings rate has virtually vanished.

But while the rest of the nation continues its endless shopping spree, I ask you to consider another option, increasing your Net Worth!

There are basically three things that a person can do with windfalls of money:

  1. Pay off Debt (increases your net worth)
  2. Invest (increases your net worth)
  3. Buy something (decreases your net worth as soon as the item depreciates)

Have you ever thought of your cash windfalls as an opportunity to increase your Net Worth? If not, it’s time to go back to your financial goals that you have set for yourself. Every dollar you spend is going to get you closer or farther from your goal. Windfalls are a great way to increase your Net Worth and boost your progress towards reaching your financial goals.

So the next time you get a cash windfall, think twice about what you really want to do with it. Then before you can change your mind, put it where it will do YOU the most good.