Is It Time to Move On?

Tally your total score by adding up the point value of each of your responses.

  1. a. 3 points
    b. 1 point
    c. 2 points

  2. a. 3 points
    b. 2 points
    c. 1 point

  3. a. 1 point
    b. 2 points
    c. 3 points

  4. a. 3 points
    b. 2 points
    c. 1 point

10-12 points: If you haven’t already, get your resume whipped into shape. Your dissatisfaction with your job goes beyond occasional work blues. Some of your issues may be so ingrained in the corporate culture, they may be impossible to change.

6-9 points: Everyone faces ups and downs with their job, just like any other relationship. Make a list of your biggest issues, prioritize them, and schedule a time with your boss to discuss them. If he or she isn’t receptive, or if 6 months pass, and the situation hasn’t improved, consider looking around.

5 or fewer points: Overall, you’re fairly happy at work. There’s an area or two that could stand some minor adjustments, but what job is perfect? Enjoy your good fortune!