How to Balance Your Checkbook

Checkbook pen and calculator isolated on white background

How to Balance Your Checkbook

  1. Compare your monthly bank statement against your checkbook, and put a check mark next to each transaction in your checkbook that is documented on your statement.
  2. Find the ending balance on your bank statement.
  3. Add to that ending balance any recent deposits that are not checked off in your checkbook.
  4. From your new ending balance, subtract any recent withdrawals, checks, or debits in your checkbook that are not checked off.
  5. This final number should match up with the ending balance in your checkbook. If not, go back and see where you may have missed a transaction or a calculation. It’s there, somewhere.
  6. If you do this every month, your life will be a lot easier.

Save yourself the monthly anguish of balancing your checkbook against your statement: Bank online and check off processed payments on a weekly basis. Since you’re only doing one-quarter of the work at a time, it may only take 5 to 10 minutes out of your lunch hour. That’s time well spent to stay on top of your spending.


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