Free Money for Charities

Free Money for Charities

by Jeffrey Strain (

Giving Without Spending A Cent

Part of the joy and reward of getting your personal money matters in order is that you have enough money to give donations to your favorite charities. Even if you’re still struggling to get your finances straightened out, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make a difference. With the introduction of the Internet, there are now a number of ways you can give toward your favorite causes with a simple click of your mouse. Best of all, your donation won’t cost you a single cent.

Whether your interest is in helping to save the big cats of the world to clearing land mines in war ravaged countries, there is a charity out there simply waiting for you to visit. Most of the programs work the same way. You click a button (usually limited to one click per day) which will bring up a number of sponsored advertisement buttons. These advertisers make a donation toward the specific cause to have you look at their advertisement. It’s that simple. Although most charity sites don’t require a visit to the sponsor’s site (a few do), the charity sites encourage you to visit their sponsors because the more successful the program is for the sponsors, the more likely they will continue sponsoring the charity involved.

While most pages are charity specific to one cause, the Ecology Fund has a number of different donations which can be made from their main page. From saving forest to help protect Monarch Butterflies in Mexico to protecting “Palmyra Atoll with 16,000 acres of reef – the last intact marine wilderness in the US tropics with millions of seabirds & 130 coral species,” there is sure to be something among their causes that will interest you.

While visiting all the sites doesn’t cost you any money, it does cost you time. Taking the time to click to each of the charities can take an hour or more a day depending on your Internet connection. The simple solution to this was to create a bulk donater which allows you to donate to a number of similar causes with one simple click instead of surfing around to the different sites. On the following pages are both bulk donater links and single free click site links so you can find a few causes you believe in and give them a daily click. What can be better? It doesn’t cost you a cent and you’ll be helping some needy causes.

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