Telecommuting Advantages–For You and Your Company

Telecommuting Advantages–For You and Your Company

For the employee:

  • No commuting time.
  • Lower stress level.
  • Greater balance between work and family life.
  • Flexible scheduling means you can take time off for personal needs.
  • Fewer interruptions lead to more productive work time and possibly fewer work hours.

For the company:

  • Increased productivity because of fewer office interruptions.
  • Employees can work at their peak times because of flexible scheduling.
  • No commuting time means increased time available for work.
  • Lower overhead because of less office space, furnishings, and operating costs.
  • More appealing work environment and flexibility boost employee morale, attract new employees, and increase employee retention.
  • Fewer sick days used for minor illnesses, bad weather, etc.


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