6 Steps to Thriving at Work: Step 6


Goal Setting

Most motivational speakers will tell you that setting goals and writing them down is the difference between success and failure. It is very hard to shoot for something if you don’t even know what it is.

You must trust and have faith that things will happen as they are supposed to. If one door closes another one opens and it usually leads to a better place. Realizing this is the key to eliminating your fear of failure and optimizing the path to your dreams.

Haven’t you heard before, “You need to be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.” Keep this in mind before you set your goals.

You should update your goals when they are no longer fitting your needs. You have to make sure that you design a career and life that makes you happy. Because if you are not happy then you will not be at your peak performance and you are doing yourself and the company you work for a disservice. When you do something you love, everything snaps into place and work flows effortlessly. Don’t forget this and change your goals when you start to realize you are struggling or aren’t happy anymore and achieving your goal isn’t likely to improve the situation.