6 Steps to Thriving at Work: Step 3

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Act “As If”

Take a tip from the New Agers; visualize yourself as you want to be, and you’ll find yourself moving closer to your goal. By acting “as if” you’re already there, you train yourself–and others–to see you in a new light.

This doesn’t mean ordering coworkers around as if they’re your minions. It does, however, entail behaving like the professional you’d like to be.

Dress for success: It’s trite but true. The image you present delivers a message of what you’re capable of and determined to achieve. It’s therefore worth following the old advice of dressing for the level you’d like to reach.

Project the right attitude: Are you known for being someone who’s always up for an after work drink? Do coworkers run to you to find out the latest company gossip? If so, it’s time to rethink your behavior. Choose between building a reputation for partying or for handling any assignment with professionalism. If you’re serious about wanting a promotion, then act serious.

Take on more work. By assuming more than your share of the workload, you demonstrate your ambition, commitment, and work ethic. If possible, take on projects that challenge and teach you new skills rather than accepting more drudge jobs. Even routine tasks, however, need to be done and done well, and bosses appreciate workers willing to do whatever’s necessary.