6 Steps to Thriving at Work: Step 3


Document Your Results

Using the roadmap your supervisor created (in the “Enlist Your Boss’ Support” section), keep track of your progress towards completing the items she delineated. Also keep a running list of:

Projects you’ve undertaken that are outside your job responsibilities.

Any money- or resource-saving ideas you’ve implemented.

Outstanding successes on any of your projects.

Training you’ve received, especially on your own time.

Though it takes time, documenting your work and achievements is well worth the effort. First of all, well-documented records of your efforts and achievements can be very persuasive when you actually ask for a promotion or are evaluated periodically. This documentation helps everybody, yourself included, to remember exactly what you’ve done and how valuable you are. Seeing them all at once on one document is especially effective.

Also, you’ll appreciate such documentation when you apply for a different job and need to update your resume. Instead of probing murky memories, you’ll have everything you need already written.