6 Steps To Raise Financially Responsible Children: Intro


The Good News

Do you want to leave your child’s financial future up to chance? Or are you ready to take some solid steps to help them secure the life of their dreams? It is easier than you think. With the help of resources, such as this online seminar, you can have fun teaching your children some money sense and the basics of investing for the future.

Parents’ lack of fiscal education for themselves as adults and for their children is disturbing news. But fortunately there is something than can be done about it. Parents can ensure that their next generation is better educated about money than they were by expanding their money sense. If they take the time to teach themselves the basics of money management and they can use that knowledge to wisely to raise financially responsible children. Statistics show that kids are looking to apply parents financial advice to to the real world where they are earning, saving and spending money.

  • 94% of students surveyed that they are likely to use their parents as a source of financial information.
  • 3 out of four teens have a savings or checking account (agnews.edu).
  • 58% of parents surveyed said they require their children to save money (American Savings Education Council).
  • 46% of parents surveyed said they encourage their child to contribute to a charity.
  • 21% require it (American Savings Education Council).