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On Being Rich (Part One)
With the arrival of the new Millennium, it was impossible to avoid the feelings of many that this was a good time to look forward, learn from the past and truly plan the rest of your life. Most likely, you probably reflected back to the previous months/years and weighed whether they were great…good…so-so…or dismal. Usually that measurement entails how much money you have--more than before? Because we are in a new century, I would like to challenge you to probe deeper, asking yourself instead, "Are you rich?"

On Being Rich (Part Two)
In my introductory column, I left you in the middle of my chaos. I had passed the brink of financial ruin: we had lost a home that would sell for several million dollars in today's market; people whom I had always considered "good friends" suddenly vanished; my health was deteriorating; and I was seriously wondering how I would support my family. In truth, not living was becoming an increasingly attractive option with each new day.

Out of the Supermarket and Into the Stock Market
Over the course of the last several years, it has become obvious to me while teaching seminars and classes that many women believe that people who invest in the markets were "born knowing." I am living testimony that it's simply not the case! As you read more about my starting point, you'll have a hard time believing that I am now a successful speaker, author, and owner of my own financial services firm. In fact, sometimes I find it hard to believe myself!

From Healthcare Giver To Financial Caregiver
Growing up, I never thought much about money. My family always had enough. I don't know how I determined just how much "enough" was, but somehow I did. We had enough for food, clothing, trips to the dentist, used bicycles, and summer vacations in an upstate bungalow colony. My dad worked two jobs, and my mom stayed home. I shared a bed with my grandmother who came to live with us after her second husband died.

Work at Home Mom Business Success Stories

We all need inspiration and mentors to achieve the business success we strive for. Here is a growing collection of business success stories from moms with online businesses. Whether these mothers have earned a lot of money, helped other reach their business goals or just learned to mix family & business the right way, these moms are an inspiration to all of us.



The statistics might show that women are economically disadvantaged, but these women show how they overcame diversity to achieve success.

The Power of a Small Loan: Success Stories
In these days of mega-mergers and high-priced start-ups--when dollars are tallied in the millions and billions--it may be hard to imagine how much help a loan of $500 to $10,000 can be. How much impact can a few thousand--or a few hundred--dollars have on a business and on the women who are pursuing their dreams? The answer is plenty. Meet a few women who received Count-Me-In loans.

How I Became a Financial Psychologist
My pioneering work in “financial psychology” dates back to the fall of 1981 when I became my first client. I had just received my doctorate degree from the University of Southern California and had accepted the university’s offer to lecture on psychology for the Department of Defense at American military bases in Holland, Germany, Belgium, and Spain. Per my request, my paychecks were to be deposited into my checking account every month.

Jogbra and Beyond
I became a multi-millionaire at age 40. How did it happen? In retrospect, it was a by-product of my following my intuition and passion…not because I wanted to make a lot of money. In fact, most people thought we were crazy when we asked the question, “Why isn’t there a jockstrap for women?"

How I Got to Where I Am.And Won $10,000 Along the Way!
This is a really big year for me…I’m turning 50, which I plan on celebrating big time! And winning $10,000 in the sweepstakes has just added to all of the excitement. I feel so fortunate that I have a career that I love as the Director of Marketing Services for Sunsweet Growers, Inc. I interact with talented people, am constantly facing creative challenges, and work at a pretty fast pace that doesn’t allow for much down time but does keep me interested and energized.

How a New Attitude Helped Me Earn More
The money is where the men are. Nothing has contributed more to my success than this recognition. Almost without exception, women who earn significant money, or actually adequate money, do the work which men do.

Four Work at Home Moms Success Stories
Moving your business from start up phase to a profitable grown up business can be tough. Know some entrepreneurial women who have turned their passions into booming businesses.





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